Individualized Intense Training

Individualized Intense Training

Designed for

    • Students in boarding schools
    • Students who live out of town/state
    • Students who are busy with training, sports, or any other type of activities that don’t allow them to have weekly sessions in our office

Takes place
In our Bryn Mawr office over 3 to 5 days depending on time availability. Each day will be 4 to 5 hours long.

The program
MJ test prep will design a program for an individual student based on his or her needs. To make it most effective and time efficient, we need to prepare the program in advance so that on the first day of training we hit the ground running.  We design these individualized programs by analyzing past work – a real test or a simulated test that will be emailed to the student prior to the training. The test will provide important information for identifying areas of both strength and weakness, which will be used to help develop the optimal coaching plan for the student. Each day the student will complete assigned work that will be scored and checked. The student will spend two hours with a tutor who will explain the mistakes, look for patterns and teach new techniques. We will provide all the materials the student needs. At the conclusion of the training, we will provide materials based on a student’s needs that will help the student continue to develop skills important to his or her score growth. The training can be followed by Skype/FaceTime sessions with a tutor.

$400 per day

Call the office to discuss creating a personalized program to match your needs.