Software Development

Software Development

Python is one of the most popular and accessible programming languages taught at universities and used by software developers today. The goal is to teach students to design, implement, and analyze code in order to solve computational problems. Students will learn to think about problems with the mindset of a computer scientist, a perspective that is valuable in high school, college, and any field. Ryan is able to instruct students in topics ranging from the basics of Python to algorithms and data structures. No knowledge of mathematics is required beyond basic algebra.

About the Instructor

Ryan Archer studied computer science and French at Dartmouth College, where he also was a member of the varsity lightweight rowing team. He started tutoring as an undergraduate through the computer science department. After graduating in 2013, Ryan spent two years coaching collegiate rowing before joining MJ Test Prep in the summer of 2015. He offers instruction in object-oriented programming and software development with Python, preparation for all sections of the ACT and SAT, and tutoring for various school subjects.

Availability and Rates

Ryan is available on Saturdays and Sundays in both Bryn Mawr and Chestnut Hill. He is $150 per session. If you would like to schedule with Ryan, please contact the office either by phone or via email.