Chemistry Subject Test Class

Chemistry Subject Test Class

Emilio Cacciavillani
About the instructor

Bryn Mawr office only

Time and Schedule
8-week program begins Sunday, April 8
Prepares students for the June test date.
Full schedule for 2018 the chemistry subject test class

Your seat in the course is reserved once the course fee is paid in full.

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Make-Up Policy
We do not offer make-up classes for missed days. If a student misses a class, we will set aside a packet of notes and homework, which will be available for pick-up at the front desk after the missed class.

After the last class, we offer an optional open classroom the week before the test, where students can address their questions from the missed class.

Course Description from the Instructor

Why take the SAT Chemistry Subject Test?
A high score on the SAT Subject Test in Chemistry is a great way to showcase your college application, especially if you intend to major in science or engineering!

Why take this class at MJ Test Prep?
Nationwide, students that take a science SAT subject test are typically very strong students taking the most challenging courses at their respective schools.  To distinguish yourself, you need to correctly answer questions missed most by your competition – you must master those topics that are on the test but barely covered in the best chemistry classes at the best schools.  Let the competition struggle while you master questions on Ksp, free energy, galvanic cells, pH, beta decay, real gases, and vapor pressure.

About the instructor
Emilio “Mr. C” Cacciavillani is an MIT graduate and highly accomplished chemistry teacher. Emilio’s students have a long track record of extremely high scores on the AP Chemistry test, the SAT Chemistry Subject test, and on the chemistry and organic chemistry portions of the MCAT.

Sample syllabus

    • Lesson #1 = Atoms
    • Lesson #2 = Molecules
    • Lesson #3 = Precipitation reactions and Solubility Equilibrium, Ksp.
    • Lesson #4 = General and Acid/Base Equilibrium
    • Lesson #5 = Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics*
    • Lesson #6 = Electrochemistry
    • Lesson #7 = Nuclear Chemistry
    • Lesson #8 = Advanced Problems
    • Selected dates offer open classroom nights… informal problem-solving with classmates and instructor.  Students are welcome to attend all or parts of these open classroom nights 6:30 – 8:30 PM

What scores have past MJ Test Prep students posted?
If you are taking the SAT Chemistry Subject Test, you are competing against a nationwide pool of top students. In 2011, only 63,000 students nationwide took this test. (In comparison, 2 million students take the SAT each year.) Since you are competing against the top students in the nation, national average on this test looks really good on your college application. However, beating national average looks even better on your college application! MJ Test Prep students earn high scores because they are highly dedicated to success.

Note:  MJ Test Prep will give you the tools to earn a top score, but MJ Test Prep DOES NOT offer any type of guarantee for your score.

In the past five years, over 170 students have completed MJ Test Prep’s SAT Chemistry Class. Combined, the students that completed this class have posted an average score of 732, whereas the nationwide average was 657.  To view nationwide test score results, visit  In the past five years, 14 MJ students have earned a perfect 800 on the test.

Scoring above national average on this test will require you to learn more than what is taught in most high school honors level chemistry courses.

How much work should I expect to do?
The class is 8 weeks long.  Students should expect to spend 3-6 hours of homework per week. Each week, students…

    • attend a two-hour class session
    • complete a focused assignment set (approximately 2 – 4 hours per week based on the students background)
    • complete a 1-hour practice test (outside of class time) each week.
    • have the option to attend an informal open classroom on Friday nights.