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Our SAT program uses thousands of real SAT questions, along with our own specially developed teaching materials, to get you ready for every part of the test.

You can create any schedule that fits your needs. The full scope of the course is 15-18 sessions, which is what you’ll need to get detailed coverage of every topic on the test. However, the program is completely personalized and based on results: some students do many more sessions, while others need fewer. In addition to individual tutoring ,we also offer small-group classes.

If you complete the full course, you’ll also receive, free of charge, three additional hours of supplemental instruction: reading instruction conducted by a specialized reading instructor, one additional algebra II session and one supplemental session of your choice.

Though we do offer diagnostic practice tests for $20, you must currently be in sessions with a tutor to take tests in our office.

What Happens in a Coaching Session
Every session is tailored to fit the particular needs of the individual student. The first part of every session is a review of your homework.

The homework assignment each week consists of a full practice SAT and worksheets on specific skills. To review this homework, we’ll score your practice SAT electronically, producing a detailed score report. The tutor will then review the worksheet and the test with you, helping you correct mistakes, looking for patterns, and tracking your performance.

Anthony tutoringIn the second part of the session, the tutor will choose a new skill to work on based on your particular needs. You’ll spend time learning new techniques and practicing those strategies on real SAT problems with the tutor’s guidance.

To finish the session, the tutor will choose a homework assignment for you and discuss your goals for the next week. You can also discuss the big picture of your overall progress, the admissions process, and deciding when to take the test.

Our Teaching Materials

Research demonstrates that using actual past tests maximizes the benefits of preparation time; there is no substitute for the real thing. We’ll ask you to take a real test under timed conditions every week as you complete the course.

It’s also important to be able to isolate skills and get repetitive practice with specific techniques. To achieve this, we have nearly 60 worksheets of problems that focus on a single verbal or math skill. These worksheets make up a large component of your homework each week. Many of the assignments are also accompanied by a detailed written chapter that helps to reinforce what you learned from the tutor.

When you begin your studies, you’ll get a reference binder containing quick reminders of every technique you’ll need on the test.

Each time you take a test, you’ll get a detailed diagnostic score report. We score your practice test electronically and give you a breakdown of the questions you missed, the specific category for each problem, and an analysis of your patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. This helps you maximize the effectiveness of your study time by identifying the best opportunities for additional points.

Score Choice and Superscoring
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Score Choice, a service provided for free by College Board, gives you the option to choose which scores (by test date for the SAT and by individual test for SAT Subject Tests) you send to colleges.

Most colleges also “superscore.” This means that they compile your best individual section scores across multiple test dates in order to create your best overall score.

Because of these policies, it is in your best interest to take the test multiple times.

How to Prepare for the Course
Bring any previously taken SAT, PSAT or ACT with you to the first session. These tests will serve as a baseline to gauge your progress. Additionally, past work from the actual test centers provide important information for analyzing areas of both strength and weakness, which will be used to help develop the optimal coaching plan for you.

Otherwise, we’ll provide all the materials you need. You just need to provide the hard work!

You can also download our MJ Test Prep brochure here.