SAT Subject Tests & AP Testing

IchiIf you’re getting ready for an AP or Subject Test, or if you just want to improve your understanding of a subject for a high-school or college course, you need an expert in the subject matter. All of our tutors are highly experienced in both the subject matter and in helping students understand it, so you know you’ll be getting the expertise you need.

We offer individual tutoring and group sessions for the SAT Subject Tests, and individual tutoring for the AP Tests. In the spring, starting in April and leading up the June SAT, we also offer group classes for the SAT subject tests: chemistry, physics, math 2, biology, U.S. History, and Latin.

SAT Subject Tests

The SAT Subject Tests are a collection of 20 multiple-choice tests given on individual subjects, taken to improve a student’s credentials for admission to college. Students typically choose which tests to take depending upon college entrance requirements for the schools to which they are planning to apply.

Most selective colleges recommend that applicants submit scores for any two SAT Subject tests. Engineering schools typically require Chemistry or Physics and prefer Math Level 2. A handful of the most competitive schools, such as Georgetown University, still require three Subject Tests.

AP Tests

The AP (Advanced Placement) Tests are a collection of 31 multiple-choice and free-response tests given on individual subjects. Colleges grant credit and/or advanced placement to students who obtain high scores on the examinations.

Some colleges use AP test scores to exempt students from introductory coursework. Each college’s policy is different, but most require a minimum score of 3 or 4 (on the 1–5 scale) to receive college credit. Typically this appears as a “CR” grade on the college transcript, although some colleges and universities will award an A grade for a score of 5.

We offer tutoring the following AP classes: English, Calculus, U.S. History, World History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Spanish