The GRE is your gateway to graduate programs and an essential early step along your career path. Graduate programs and business schools use GRE scores to evaluate your readiness for graduate-level work. The GRE is a computer-based test with sections devoted to writing, math, and verbal skills.

MJ Test Prep has a well-developed curriculum devoted to helping you master all three sections.

CouchThe math section often gives people trouble not because they have poor math skills, but because it has been years since they have had to use the type of math that shows up on the GRE. Remember geometry, exponents, and quadratic equations? Chances are you’re pretty rusty with this material. To get you back up to speed, we’ll provide a 50-page math reference guide that includes all the GRE-specific techniques you’ll need. And we’ll reinforce this material with over a dozen in-depth worksheets and thousands of practice questions. All this material is organized and tailored to fit your specific needs by our experienced GRE tutor, David.

To master the verbal section, you’ll need equal focus on building your reading comprehension skills and building your vocabulary. We have a large pool of vocabulary resources, including ways to learn using your computer or smartphone and specific study strategies. We’ve also assembled a compact guide to give you the most effective reading strategies (David has published a book on reading comprehension for standardized tests). You’ll be able to practice the reading using our collection of over a thousand real GRE reading questions.

The importance of the writing section varies among different graduate programs, but if you’re applying to one that places a strong emphasis on it, we can help you master it. We’ll provide specific guidelines, and you can practice using a large collection of real GRE essay prompts.

To achieve your best possible GRE score, you need the right mix of effective strategies, intense practice using real GRE questions, full simulated tests, and personalized coaching. MJ Test Prep will provide you with all of these tools.