MJ Test Prep’s GMAT course is a rigorous program designed to get you ready for every part of the test, from mastering the content to understanding how best to deal with the computer-adaptive format.

PencilsMost students’ initial reaction to the Quantitative section of the test is to conclude that they simply need to remember the high school math they forgot long ago. While refreshing your familiarity with certain math concepts is certainly necessary, maximizing your Quantitative score requires learning the way GMAT math works, which involves an inordinate emphasis on factors and multiples, a diabolical question format known as Data Sufficiency, and a healthy dose of strategic thinking. We’ll show you how to master the test, not just recall high school math.

The Verbal section of the test features three question types, and your instructor is uniquely suited to show you how to master all three. Critical Reasoning questions ask you to dissect the logic of an argument, and as the author of a book about logical reasoning and argumentative techniques, David can show you how to master every reasoning trick on the test. Sentence Correction problems require you to get deep inside some tricky grammar, and as a teacher of English as a Second Language both here and abroad, David can give you the concrete reasons behind every nuance of every answer choice, not just an explanation of “Well, this one sounds better.” Finally, David also wrote a book about Reading Comprehension, the third type of problem on the Verbal section, and he can show you how to recognize the commonly occurring logical structures so you can analyze the passages in the way that is most useful for answering the questions.

The GMAT course work is based on real GMAT problems and hundreds of focused drills to help you reinforce the techniques and master the GMAT content. You’ll work one-on-one with David as part of a personalized, specific, and effective study regimen.