The GRE is your gateway to graduate programs and an essential early step along your career path. Graduate programs and business schools use GRE scores to evaluate your readiness for graduate-level work. The GRE is a computer-based test with sections devoted to writing, math, and verbal skills. MJ Test Prep has a well-developed curriculum devoted to helping you master all three sections.

Our graduate admissions director, David Lynch, has created the full set of materials we use for GRE prep. This test, unfortunately, has a smaller number of official test questions available from the test maker than any other major standardized test. That means we need to be especially resourceful in creating a comprehensive and realistic curriculum.

David has gathered every real question (including those found in some unexpected places) and done a thorough analysis of the pattern types. He has rounded out the curriculum with a full strategy book, carefully selected questions from other comparable tests, and a set of recommendations for realistic supplemental books. Together with his guidance, informed by over 15 years of tutoring, an uncommonly effective course of study emerges.

Whether you’re aiming for a Master’s degree, an MBA, or a Ph.D., David can help you achieve your best possible GRE score and realize your graduate school goals. Contact us to speak with David, and see how we can set up a personalized course of study for you.