Our MCAT program is distinguished in great part by our expert instructors.

StethoscopeOur instructors are committed educators who have devoted considerable time to making the test easier for their students. The MCAT is broken down into discrete sections, and we have specialized instructors for each of these sections. Our teachers have PhDs and advanced degrees in their respective disciplines; they are also ardent test prep strategists. These are not instructors who have learned a scripted curriculum that they simply parrot back to you, but teachers who have developed the curriculum based on their own extensive knowledge and experience with the MCAT, teaching, and their particular subject.

Many test prep companies use instructors who are in medical school or who have recently graduated an MCAT course. Although these instructors may be capable in terms of their own performance on standardized tests, they are not professional MCAT instructors and may not know either the bulk or nuances of the test like our own experienced team.