Summer Camps for the ACT and SAT

Registration for our SAT Summer Camps and ACT Summer Camps is now open. You can register by downloading our form from the link below or giving us a call: 610.525.2840. Camps are designed for both students who are just starting out or for students looking for extra practice in a more structured environment.

2017 Summer Camp Registration

MJ Test Prep provides structured, intensive training to give you the competitive edge on both the PSAT/SAT and ACT. Created by Dr. Matthew Joseph, the curriculum covers all crucial areas of the SAT & ACT. Camps run in both the Bryn Mawr and the Chestnut Hill locations.

MJ Test Prep Summer Camps

Starting in June, MJ Test Prep will offer these week-long intensive introductory courses for the SAT and the ACT. We will offer the first level for all students, and then, a second level for students who have completed level 1 and looking to further challenge themselves. Each day will start with sections of a test, and then, students will be split into smaller groups of three to four students per group, and they will work on strategies with guided practice with a tutor.

Though all students start in Level 1, students will be challenged and placed into smaller groups based upon how they scored on both their PSATs from 10th grade and on the sections of the test they take each morning. If you are unsure of which test to prep for, we offer diagnostic practice tests.

The SAT Vs. The ACT

The SAT and the ACT are both universally accepted by colleges, and they are equally weighted assessment tools. Each of the tests offers its own advantages that can be strategically utilized. Like the ACT, the math on the SAT is more closely aligned with high school curriculum, and the writing sections are nearly identical. The good news is that there is overlap for those preparing for both tests.




Level 1 is designed for 9th, 10th and 11th grade. Increased familiarity and deliberate practice are the cornerstones of our program. Systematically broadening the number of question types a student can successfully negotiate will enable students to raise scores. This camp uses material from both the PSAT and SAT. All students will start at this level.

 Summer 2017 SAT Level 1 Dates

sat level 1 dates






Level 2 is focused more on the SAT. This advanced camp is designed for 10th and 11th grade students who have completed the Level 1 Camp and are looking to further improve their scores. The advanced camp provides students with the opportunity to practice difficult versions of the concepts learned in Level 1 Camp, and to expand into more advanced techniques and problem types. Because the camp is focused on SAT prep, we also devote significant time to developing essay skills.

Summer 2017 SAT Level 2 Dates

sat level 2 dates


Level 1 is designed for students entering 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. Students, through a systematic regimen of deliberate practice using our carefully constructed approaches, will develop skills required for the ACT. The camp will cover the fundamental problem types featured on the four sections of the ACT. All students will start at this level.

Summer 2017 ACT Level 1 Dates

sat level 2 dates







Level 2 is a more advanced camp for graduates of Level 1 looking to further challenge themselves. Like the SAT camp, the advanced camp provides students with the opportunity to practice difficult versions of the concepts learned in Level 1 Camp, and to expand into more advanced techniques and problem types.

Summer 2017 ACT Level 2 Dates

act level 2 dates


To reserve your space, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of $250, which will be applied to the full balance. The remaining balance of $745 will be due on the first day of class.

CAMP TIMES: 9 AM to 2:30 PM

There is a 30 minute lunch break. Students are welcome to either bring their lunch or buy their lunch. There is a Wawa directly behind the Bryn Mawr office, and the Chestnut Hill office is near several shops including Cosimo’s Pizza and the Top of the Hill Cafe.

Download the mj test prep summer 2017 brochure!

2017 Summer Camp Registration

College Admissions Essay Workshop

Recommended for students entering 12th grade.

This course will help students develop essay topics and drafts for the Common Application. DeaseySince narrative is the most effective form for the Common App personal statement, we will focus on storytelling skills. Students will learn to use elements of nonfiction craft to engage the audience’s sympathies by dramatizing compelling events.

Every student has personal experience that can be translated into a winning essay, but most schools don’t spend enough time teaching this kind of writing. It can be hard to recognize the best essay material even when you spend days scanning your memory for it. Shaping that material to snare and sustain a reader’s interest isn’t easy either. Applying the principles and methods of creative nonfiction to this process can help students at every stage, from early brainstorming to final edits.

The college admissions essay is an early and pivotal opportunity to reflect on your character strengths and to introduce yourself using personal narrative. In this way it prefigures career-related storytelling occasions like the common (and daunting) interview question, “Tell me about yourself.” Developing a strong personal narrative for your college application not only helps you prepare for such challenges, but can itself be a mode of illuminating self-discovery.

The course will be conducted in workshop format. That is, we’ll review drafts as a class, starting with exemplary college essays, and then we’ll spend time brainstorming topics and ways to refine class members’ drafts. The class limit of five students will ensure that each student’s drafts will receive plenty of attention, including detailed feedback on content, style and focus.

Times: 4:00 PM–7:00 PM

First session: July 10, 12, 17

Second session: July 18, 20, 24



The total cost of the workshop is $850. To reserve your space, we ask for a deposit of $250. Because of the limited number of spaces, this deposit is non-refundable.