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New SAT Spring Class

^This class is perfect for 10th Grade Athletes looking to be recruited.*

2016 SAT & ACT Summer Camps

We are also holding a simulated SAT this Saturday, February 6 at 9 AM. This is ONLY for the SAT that was rescheduled to February 20 due to the snowstorm. This will be the final simulated SAT we will hold in the current format before the new test.

About MJ Test Prep

MJ Test Prep offers a highly developed program and an elite group of personnel to help you with your test-taking, academic, and admissions needs.

MJ Test Prep was founded by Dr. Matthew Joseph, who did his doctoral dissertation on the efficacy of coaching for the SAT. For over 25 years, Dr. Joseph has assembled the best tutors to help students in all areas of college testing and admissions. Our methods have helped at least one of our students every year achieve a perfect score on the SAT.

All tutoring is done at our centers in Bryn Mawr and Chestnut Hill which feature a study area, coffee shop, WiFi, 10 private classrooms for individual tutoring, and several larger classrooms for group classes.